Longing for Flowers

I always wanted to receive flowers since I was a kid. As I was growing I’m envious to those I have witnessed to receive one. Then just recently I have given someone. A… Continue reading

The World Crumbles Absent Your Love

My heart pounds its hardest against walls of glooming madness My lungs shrinks then shuts avoiding to grope that breath of sadness My glands sheds, wets thenĀ  trembles my lips thru my limbs… Continue reading

The Irony of Love Gone Wrong

You have bled it dry then it came down rushing, You have frozen it stoned then it melted pouring. For whenever you’ve bid your thanks you’ll find more ways to dig down and… Continue reading

Cost of Living

You have taught me that love is never easy, you were paid by the innocence of falling. You have taught me to fight for my wanting, you were given the world stopped from… Continue reading

Stranger’s Fascination

Isn’t it strange when all of a sudden you are strangled by someone’s presence? Or your eyes just wind up over the same corner with the same ounce of haunting to that vivid… Continue reading